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COSCO Shipping Offers Diverse Shipping Solutions for Domestic Carmakers

The export volume of China-made finished automobiles has registered continuous steady growth since the beginning of 2023, as COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers delivered an outstanding performance in commercial vehicle transportation both at home and abroad.

Photo by COSCO Shipping

On January 1, with the last 48ft flat rack container carried by M.V. TIAN SHOU being safely unloaded from the cargo hold, the company successfully completed its first car transportation mission from Taicang to the Port of Vitoria in Brazil.

As early as before the arrival of the ship, the head of COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers South America led a business team to visit TVV Terminal at the Port of Vitoria to inspect the port and facility conditions, and held a pre-loading meeting with various departments of the terminal to discuss the unloading facilities, work shift arrangement, unlashing process, and recovery of container parts. The company also had a comprehensive review and study on the yard location, customs clearance procedures, unloading process, and stacking of containers so as to make good preparations for maintaining smooth traffic at the port.

Thanks to these efforts, the terminal, workers and crew members were well prepared to complete the unloading task. With the hard work of the field staff, it took only one day to unload the 48ft flat rack containers. All the vehicles were discharged within three days, and were then quickly picked up by the consignee on the day when the unloading was done.

TVV Terminal also attached great importance to the unloading of containers and vehicles. In addition to giving full support to the work shift arrangements and facilities, the terminal leaders were on site to coordinate all the work and, together with COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers’ work team, witnessed the historic moment as the terminal handled the 48ft flat rack containers for the first time.