New fishing vessel Leinebris will be built at Tersan Shipyard – The Deck

New fishing vessel Leinebris will be built at Tersan Shipyard

Tersan Shipyard has signed contract to build a new, unique and future-oriented fishing vessel for their long term partner Leinebris AS.

The previous (and still fishing) Leinebris was delivered in 2015 again by Tersan Shipyard and has a successful fishing back memory since then. The new vessel will also be named as Leinebris and has been developed on the success basis of her predecessor. The new Leinebris will be the first vessel equipped with three different fishing methods including longlining, seining and net fishing. Considering the energy efficiency; the vessel will have a large battery pack and three diesel-electric generator sets with Azimuth thrusters in stern and bow for more efficient energy usage and maneuvering.

64.9 meters long and 15 meters wide Leinebris will ensure the safety of the crew with double cargo decks, covered working decks and the moonpool. She will also have RSW tanks to be able to catch fish alive for fresh production or for the possibility to unload directly from the tanks to shore. “We want to fish for the future and take care of the resources we have in the best possible way. Then we have to both think in a new way and build a new vessel” said Paul Harald Leinebø from Leinebris.

Designed by Tersan’s long term partner Skipsteknisk, the vessel will have accommodation up to 25 persons on board offering high standards and good facilities for recreation and well-being. New Leinebris is planned to be delivered in 2025. “Eight years after the delivery of the first Leinebris, it is a very big pleasure and honor for us to be awarded as the builder of the new vessel. We believe she will be a revolutionary vessel for the fishing sector sustaining the pioneer position of Leinebris AS in the fishing sector” said Mr. Sakir Erdogan, the Business Development and Marketing Director of Tersan Shipyard.