Lerwick Port Authority joins “Orion” Clean Energy Project – The Deck

Lerwick Port Authority joins “Orion” Clean Energy Project

The ORION Project has welcomed Lerwick Port Authority as the latest strategic partner in the promotional framework aiming to transform Shetland into a centre for secure and affordable clean energy.

ORION notes that the Port Authority will lend valuable expertise to its ambitions as energy generation changes in the future, supporting the transition through decarbonisation of assets, utilisation of local supply chains, and long established infrastructure.

The project is led by Shetland Islands Council. Maggie Sandison, the Council’s Chief Executive and a member of the Project Board, said: “ORION can now promote a full service package to renewable energy developers, with Shetland’s main port included to complement the energy production and exporting work.”

Captain Calum Grains, Chief Executive of Lerwick Port Authority, commented: “Participation in the ORION Project dovetails with our commitment and actions to reduce carbon emissions in our operations and facilitate development of clean energy sources.

“We are looking forward to working with the strategic partners in the initiative, offering the port’s comprehensive capabilities to play a major role in securing Shetland’s renewable energy aspirations and transition to Net Zero, to develop infrastructure and support a thriving supply chain.

“Among the steps we will take, decarbonising all our operations is a priority through various environmental initiatives, including larger-scale projects, such as future shore power options for vessels and technologies for clean bunkering.”