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REM offshore delivered the unique CSOV REM Power

Norwegian company REM Offshore, traditionally renowned for its operations in the oil and gas industry, has successfully ventured into the burgeoning offshore wind sector. This strategic evolution is best epitomized by the recent debut of the REM Power.

Due to its advanced technology and exceptional onboard equipment, Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Chief Commercial Officer at REM Offshore, hails the REM Power as a “game changer” for the SOV (Service Operation Vessel) segment.

REM Power was launched in May 2023. 85 meters in length, this groundbreaking vessel boasts a distinctive feature: a cutting-edge diesel-electric and battery hybrid propulsion system. Constructed at Vard Soviknes in Norway, the REM Power made history as the world’s inaugural vessel of its kind to feature the pioneering Kongsberg Rim-driven azimuth propellers as its primary propulsion system.

Environmental Commitment
What further sets REM Power apart is its holistic approach to environmental concerns. The vessel incorporates a revolutionary system designed to meticulously gauge its environmental impact at every stage of its lifecycle – from initial raw materials extraction to eventual disposal. This sustainability-conscious approach underscores REM Offshore’s dedication to reducing the ecological footprint of its operations.

The Innovation: All-Electric Crane
A pivotal highlight in REM Power’s repertoire is its innovative all-electric crane, a collaboration between REM Offshore and Seaonics. This 5-ton, 25-meter, heave-compensated crane represents a milestone as the world’s pioneering Electric Controlled Motion Compensated (ECMC) crane, developed by Seaonics, and exclusively featured on the REM Power. This innovative fully 3D compensated and electrically powered crane introduces a novel design approach, combining a telescopic and wire luffing for its luffing boom.

Advantages of Going Electric
Seaonics’ Sales Manager, Ståle Fure, underscores the advantages of REM Power’s all-electric crane. Fure notes that the switch to an electric setup substantially enhances the precision of motion compensation, providing unparalleled accuracy in cargo handling. Beyond precision, the electric system’s regenerative capability presents an added boon by allowing surplus power to be returned to the vessel’s grid, whether AC or DC. Notably, the oil-free system aligns perfectly with the industry’s push for cleaner and more sustainable technologies.

Versatile Accommodation and Service
Beyond its technological marvels, the REM Power stands out as a vessel offering versatile accommodations. With the ability to host up to 120 individuals, including 93 windfarm technicians and a crew of 27, the vessel can support an array of offshore operations. Currently, the REM Power is actively supporting a Vattenfall wind farm construction, facilitated by its specialized “walk to work” (W2W) system.

Next-Gen Walk-to-Work System
Notably, the REM Power is equipped with an advanced W2W system, a game-changing Uptime 30m AMC logistic system. This system boasts many features, including an autonomous gangway equipped with artificial intelligence, an integrated elevator tower catering to personnel and cargo logistics, auto-landing capabilities, slip-off detection, integrated crane functions, transfer lines, and seamless access for personnel and cargo.