Technical acceptance of Damen CSD650 “Krakatoa” and MuC1506 – The Deck

Technical acceptance of Damen CSD650 “Krakatoa” and MuC1506

At the Damen Dredging yard in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, the Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) 650 Krakatoa has been inspected by her owner before shipment. The client has accepted the stationary dredger, which will now be shipped to Indonesia, where it will operate on the island of Kalimantan. Damen’s customer ordered the CSD last November. The speed of the delivery is the result of Damen building its vessels on speculation and keeping them in stock, ready for order along with options available for smart customisation.

Photo: Damen

The client, PT. Pelayaran Fortuna Nusantara Megajaya (PT. PFNM) will deploy this CSD650, which will be the largest CSD in Indonesia, at a port expansion project. The dredger can work in water depths up to -25 m. The suction ladder incorporates a submerged dredge pump, which works in series with the inboard dredge pump. In total 3,938 kW of installed power ensures an impressive discharge distance and dredge production of 7,000 m3/h on average. The smart customisation includes the supply of a deck crane, an anchor boom installation, a dredge valve and a swivel in the discharge piping, plus a complete dredging instrumentation package.

Inspection at the yards

During their visit to the yard the customer’s delegation fully inspected the dredger. They supervised the various tests on the onboard systems and reviewed the customised options. Following inspection, the dredger was transported to Rotterdam. From there it will be shipped fully assembled as deck cargo to the Port of Balikpapan, Indonesia.

In addition to the CSD, PT. PFNM will add a Multi Cat (MuC)1506 to their fleet  to work on the same project. The technical acceptance of the MuC was successfully accomplished with help of a 3D remote tour on board the vessel. Ex-yard delivery took place at Damen Shipyards Changde, China.

Photo: Damen

Mountains of work

Both workboats were named after natural phenomena, being Tinombala (a mountain) for the MuC1506 and Krakatoa (a volcano) for the CSD650. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the vessels are expected to move the proverbial mountains of work on their first capital dredging job at the project location in Kalimantan. Together with the workboats, Damen will supply a complete dredging package including spares and training. This will all ensure a fast deployment of the vessels.