Marketex Marine has launched five feed barges – The Deck

Marketex Marine has launched five feed barges

Marketex Marine has had a very busy first quarter, with five feed barges launched within three months. The largest barge, built for our long-term customer Scale AQ, can carry up to 900 tonnes of feed and is the first barge with such an extensive feed capacity. It is intended for offshore installation and has remote-controlled systems.

Also built for Scale AQ was a FRAM 400 series barge with a 400-tonne feed storage capacity. Three such barges will be constructed, and all of them are bound for Norway.

Three barges built for AKVA group will be deployed in Canada. One of the five barges has already been handed over to the customer and delivered to Canada. The second is awaiting shipment soon, and the others will leave for the customer within the next four weeks.