Sanmar Shipyard delivered 8 tugboats in December – The Deck

Sanmar Shipyard delivered 8 tugboats in December

Sanmar Shipyard entered the new year by delivering 8 tugs in the last month. The new generation, environmentally friendly tugs were delivered to their owners in Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia and Turkey.

Sanmar Denizcilik Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Gurun: “The last period of 2022 has been very busy for us. Delivering 8 tugboats in a month is a great success and I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Last year was a good year for Sanmar. In 2022, we delivered 30 tugboats and ten mooring and pilot boats to our customers around the world. Throughout 2023, we will continue to produce environmentally friendly tugboats with technology.”

The first four deliveries are Robert Allan Ltd’s Boğaçay class tugboats designed by RAmparts 2400SX, exclusive to Sanmar:

LILLIAN MAC, one of the environmentally friendly tugs, will be the first RAmparts 2400SX MK II tug delivered to Australia, while CITTA DI AUGUSTA and CITTA DI SIRACUSA will operate in Italy. The RAmparts 2400SX class SVITZER ISABELA was delivered to Svitzer to work in the Dominican Republic.

Photo by Sanmar Shipyard

Three of the tugs delivered in December 2022 were the Yeniçay class tugs, based on the RAscal 1800 design of the same designer, designed to maneuver modern, high-performance and smaller vessels:

The tugs named WALBURR and MUYAAR were again delivered to Australia, on the Cape York Peninsula. The third RAscal 1800 series tugboat, named ADAKALE by its new owners, was delivered to Turkish operator Marin Tugboat.

The last tug delivered was the Bozçay class tugboat, Robert Allan Ltd’s Rapport 1900SX special for Sanmar, which was sold to Turkish operator Yalpaş and named YALOVA 5 by its new owners.