James Fisher’s second dual-fuel vessel enters service – The Deck

James Fisher’s second dual-fuel vessel enters service

James Fisher and Sons plc has today announced it has taken delivery of its second 6,000 dwt LNG dual-fuel tanker, Lady Maria Fisher, which will be traded by James Fisher Everard (JFE) alongside its existing fleet. This follows the addition of her sister vessel, Sir John Fisher, to the fleet in November 2022.

Equipped with highly efficient dual-fuel engines, both tankers are able to run on liquified natural gas (LNG) as a cleaner alternative to conventional marine gasoil. The two vessels also incorporate innovations in design and construction technology to further enhance hydrodynamic performance, to improve operational efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve local air quality. Their extensive, centralised waste heat recovery systems also help to minimise GHG emissions.

Each vessel is capable of achieving a 45 percent reduction in carbon emissions, in addition to a 93 percent reduction in NOx and 45 percent reduction in SOx.

The vessels will reduce the fleet’s overall GHG emissions and will also help customers looking to contribute to sustainability improvements.

Lady Maria Fisher was built and launched at China Merchants Jinling (CMJL) shipyard in Yangzhou, China. She is currently transporting vegetable oil from Vietnam to Europe, where it will then be processed into bio-diesel.

She and her sister vessel will replace two of James Fisher’s existing tankers and will be able to carry more cargo. Both vessels have been specifically designed for restricted access ports around the coastline of Northern Europe, which will enable JFE to better service existing long-term contracts.