China commissioned the first icebreaking buoy tender Haixun 156 – The Deck

China commissioned the first icebreaking buoy tender Haixun 156

On the 16th of January, China’s first ice-breaking buoy tender “Haixun 156” which was inspected by China Classification Society (CCS) entered service in Tianjin. This means that China’s buoy tender with the largest displacement, high overall performance and high intelligence is officially put into operation.

Photo: China Classification Society (CCS)

Haixun 156 has total length of 74.9 metres, moulded width of 14.3 metres, moulded depth of 6.2 metres, and displacement of 2,400 tonnes. As an all- electric ship with twin rudder propulsion system, the vessel has excellent manoeuvrability and navigational buoy operating ability under sea ice conditions. It is also China’s first large buoy tender built to meet the intelligent machinery and intelligent energy efficiency requirements of CCS. It is provided with intelligent decision support and maintenance functions, giving pre-warnings in case of failure of equipment and automatically calculating the most efficient and economical way to sail, so as to cut fuel consumption, save operating costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Haixun 156 is managed and used by Beihai Maritime Support Centre, engaged in deployment, removal, replacement and maintenance of aids to navigation in Northern ice-heavy ports and channels. Its presence proves the icebreaking ability of China’s buoy tenders and has effectively enhanced capability of navigational support in the northern sea region.

Since the commencement of construction in July 2019, difficulties such as the threats from pandemic and summer floods caused a significant delay in shipbuilding process. CCS Wuhan branch worked closely with the shipowner to tackle all obstacles and accomplished all inspections with high standards so that construction was successfully completed and the ship was delivered within schedule.

Source: China Classification Society (CCS)